Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SociaLife: Memorial Day Weekend

If you're still saying there's nothing to do in St. Louis, clearly you must live in a cave.  I'm typically the stay at home type, but this weekend was filled with all sorts of fun stuff to do. 

The bestie and I started the weekend off right with Sex and the City 2 at the beautiful Moolah Theatre.  I will admit, I was a tad bit extra with the plunging neckline and Manolo Blahniks just to go see a movie, but for Carrie Bradshaw and the girls, I think I get a pass.

Marci and I at the Moolah Theatre

Quality time at the pool with my lil man :-)

Had a awesome time with my "Sweet Face" at the Jill Scott/Maxwell Concert . . .
 . . .followed by a stop at S.L.U.M Fest.

Corey and Tef Poe getting it in at S.L.U.M.Fest

And to finish the weekend off (and officially start the summer), 
Teese @ The Pageant

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